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Welcome to The Chabad Of Sandton Family!

The membership information for 2024 is as follows:

1. Shul Membership | R12,480.00 per family or R7,260.00 single.

2. Shul Membership | Newly Married Couples R7,560.00 per couple

3. Shul Membership | Young Single Adult R3,780.00

4. Discount full paying Members if paid by 28 Feb | R1,280.00 per family or R660.00 single

5. Discount Newly Married Couples if paid by 28 Feb | R660.00 per family or R330.00 single

6. Monthly Amount | R1040.00 per month or R605.00 single.


The newly married couple fee is only applicable to the first five years of marriage and is our way of helping young couples to integrate within our community. 


We would like to encourage those who are non-members including adults, young adults and newly married couples to join our community and be a part 

of our Chabad of Sandton Family. This includes young adults and married children of existing members.


Family & Newly Married Couples membership includes one male and one female seat over Yomtov. Any additional seats will be charged as required. Preference will be given to paid-up members.


Please fill out the questions that apply to you.

Membership Form

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