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Our Story

The Chabad of Sandton story is a special one. It was 1982 when Rabbi Yossie & Raisy Hecht began shul services in the garage in their home in Gallo Manor. A group of excited and eager individuals and families joined the shul and with their open hearts and a pioneering spirit, the rest is history!

The shul has grown into a beautiful community center - which offers daily Minyanim, weekly adult learning for men and women, young professional & youth programs, holiday events, mommy & me programs & more! 


The campus is also home to the special Chabad of Sandton Nursery School and Mikvah Chana.

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Rabbi Yossi & Raisy Hecht & their family are Shluchim - emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Our philosophy, way of life, mission, inclusive approach in serving G-d and reaching out to our fellow Jew and all of mankind, is based on the teaching of the worldwide spiritual leader Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson ob”m.

The Rebbe inspired us to reach out to all Jews with unconditional love and to provide an opportunity for meaningful, life enhancing spiritual experiences; through innovative programing, learning and prayer, all in a non judgmental accepting environment. 


The Rebbe also taught us that in our role as a light unto the nations, we must work together with people of good will of all faiths, to make the world a better place by promoting acts of goodness and kindness.

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