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Celebrating childhood

The play school played with spaghetti and macaroni for sensory play and decorated boxes and toilet rolls with Kokis. It’s so wonderful to see the children just sit and play and experiment. Everything both indoors and outside is an invitation for the children to play, create, learn and grow.

Robyn’s class have been ‘working’ so well together, they help each other make puzzles, they help each other to balance on the kiddies gym, they help each other by giving their friends their school bags at home time, it’s heart-warming to see and an invaluable skill for the future.

Jo’s class has moved onto our new theme “ All about me.” We discussed how every person is different, no one is the same, which makes us all special and unique. This exploration of body image encourages positive self-awareness (which can never start too young). We also discussed how to take care of our bodies: eating healthy food, bathing every day, brushing our teeth twice a day, exercise daily etc. We also focused this week on visual memory, playing games, enhancing this skill.

In our senior group early in the morning before our first ring, we have been playing perceptual games together. We’ve played games of association such as sizes, animals and their homes, opposites and dominos - numbers with corresponding dots. Not only are these games fun but they fill numerous skills.

Our Grade R students have focussed on copying words this week, incorporating skills such as fine motor skills and spatial planning. Maria has been doing some amazing lessons with the children as prescribed in her course. From recycling, obstacle courses, music and science. The kids have been totally enthralled and engaged in these activities. Our theme now is famous artists. We have learnt a little about Kandinsky and created some amazing, frameable pieces of art.

Learning opportunities that we focus on during the school day in the older groups:

Language development

  • Learning new vocabulary

  • Listening skills

  • Counting syllables

  • Rhyming words


  • Patterns

  • Shapes

  • More than

  • Less than

  • Counting objects using one to one correspondence


  • Creativity and imagination

  • Fine motor development

  • Hand-eye coordination and control

  • Motor planning

  • Spatial planning

  • Observation to detail

  • Concentration


  • Predicting

  • Observation

  • Comparison

  • Reasoning

  • Experimentation

For more info about our special school, visit the Contact us page to get in touch and book a tour.

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