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Generation Sinai and more

It was so special having nursery school parents join their child for Generation Sinai. The children sang a beautiful davening together and we spoke a bit about why we have a day 'Shabbos'. The vibe in the room was energetic and exciting. The children coloured in a special Shabbat book.

Next Shabbos is the 'Shabbat Project' and everyone is encouraged to keep even one hour properly. Shabbos is trully a gift!

The children had great fun making our entrance board collaborative piece - a rainbow. They loved feeling the textures of the items used for the different colours and loved sponging and roller painting the sky.

The older groups continue hearing the Parsha stories and this week heard the story of the Tower of Babel (ask your child to tell it to you) and have been introduced to Avraham.

Our Grade R class has been super busy!

We learnt about 3 dimensional shapes this week, the cube, sphere, cuboid, cone, and pyramids. We looked for these shapes in the environment and completed the section in our maths books. We have also been revising and assessing all our rote counting activities. Counting to 120, 2s to 20, 10s to 100, and backwards from 20.

In literacy, we have revised our letter recognition, initial and final sounds in words and blending e.g. c-a-t.

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