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Rosh Hashanah is coming!

Each week brings its own dose of joy, but there is no doubt as to how special this past one was.

Spring is very much here bringing with it an energy of excitement. Our spring day breakfast is always a highlight with the children remembering it as a very fond nursery school memory. The races which Little Champ organised were beyond fun -to hear the screeching and shrieking of the children as they cheered each other on, was music to our ears. The cherry on the top was painting our classroom windows with Rosh Hashana symbols-can life get any better:}

Each unit is of course busy with their Rosh Hashana learning each at an age appropriate level.

Thank you so much to Clara Annandale for putting together an exciting social media competition .This is an easy cost free way we can all join together in promoting our very special school, whilst standing a chance to win an awesome prize.

Wishing you all a very good Shabbos


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