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Feel the beat

We like to think that each day, each moment at school is a wonderful playful growing experience for the children, but this week we really felt it.

From our fire theme to learning about Lag Baomer and Rabbi Akiva with his message of loving and sharing, to our fabulous interactive drum circle with Bev and our bonfire and treats, there really was an abundance of childhood memories being etched on young fresh minds and hearts this week.

Drumming encompasses so much that impacts on children's development, and does so in the most fun unpressured way.

  1. Sharpens hand-eye coordination and motor control

  2. Introduces rhythm

  3. Listening Skills

  4. Impulse Control

  5. Cooperation

Above all, drumming releases endorphins which are associated with general feelings of well-being i.e. having fun! With the ripple effect of contributing to improvement in self-esteem!

The children all made a picture for Rabbi Zaides birthday book which they presented to him on his birthday at his donut party.

For our Shabbos baking activity the kids made their own delicious, edible bonfires.

Next week we will all be starting on the next Chag coming up soon - Shavuot.

For more info about our special school, visit the Contact us page to get in touch and book a tour.

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