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Getting closer to Hashem

It is quite amazing already to witness the remarkable development of each child at this point in the middle of the year. It is also so affirming that all the necessary milestones are met whilst the children play, create, explore and imagine.


Tuesday was Rosh Chodesh Sivan and the nursery school children made crowns and had the ever popular Rosh Chodesh popcorn treat.

Special visitor

The children were lucky to enjoyed a visit this week by Rabbi Uzvolk who is a Sofer/Scribe. They got to see Torahs in the Shul close up. He explained really well at an age appropriate level how a Torah needs to be Kosher and how one ensures it. He showed them each part of the Torah and told them about it. He also had them parrot him and read the Torah with the correct tune.


It says when the Torah was given, Hashem wanted a guarantor to ensure its observance. After being offered the wisest and most respected, Hashem settled on the children as the ones who will guarantee the future of our people.

As we get close to Shavuot and our recommitment to the Torah (by going to a Shul to hear the 10 commandments) I thank the parents of our school for trusting us with your child/children - they really are special contributors to our Peoples continuity.


On Friday all the children paraded in their eye-catching garlands /crowns into the Shul to deliver their Bikurim baskets of fruits and veggies. This ceremony links them to days bygone when the Jewish people would descend on Jerusalem from all corners of Israel to bring their first fruits to the Bet Hamikdash. Each child also made their own milk shake and a yummy edible Torahs.


Maria, who is doing a teaching course, used a creative ‘out of the box’ initiative (for a lesson plan) in getting the children to climb up Har Sinai - aka our climbing wall - to get the Torah which was perched at the top. The children loved this! There is nothing that can come close to immersive experiences to really impact the learning experience for children.

Every activity has had the children experience this beautiful Chag with all their senses.

For more info about our special school, visit the Contact us page to get in touch and book a tour.

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