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It's a twin thing

Twins are in

The rate of twins has increased by a whopping third since the 1980’s, mostly due to medically assisted reproduction such as IVF treatments. This means a lot more parents are required to face the decision of whether their children should be placed in the same class for preschool or separated, so we thought we would share a few points for parents to consider when making the decision.

What's best for the kids

The most pertinent reasons for separating twins at school are based on increasing their independence and avoiding the risk of them competing which could lead to self-esteem issues. Parents like the idea of their twins being encouraged to create their own social circles and ‘find their own way’ in life.

Together forever

It’s important to keep in mind that twins have a very different experience of childhood when compared with other children who may have siblings of different ages or no siblings at all. Twins are born together and grow together, working their way through milestones at the same or similar times and constantly having a buddy with whom to play and explore.

Comfort vs comparison

At Chabad of Sandton, we place a high focus on social emotional development because this is the foundation to all learning, so we want our students to be comfortable and settled during their school day.

There is a plethora of research which suggests that since twins share the womb before they are born and then often share a bedroom in their early years, they feel more comfortable and relaxed when they are together.


Sibling rivalry is real in every family, so we’re certainly not suggesting that all twins are best buddies for life, however on a conscious or sub-couscous level twins experience the world with a ‘built in’ support system, having their twin by their side. In trying to assist with their independence at this very young age, we may unintentionally be causing more stress to the twins by removing that support system they need when taking the important step of starting Preschool. We believe that keeping that support system in place for the duration of Preschool is a prudent approach.

Social skills and tools

When they get older and enter Primary and High School it may be necessary to split them into separate classes, however at that point they will most likely be more equipped with social skills to manage on their own.

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