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New term, new season

Updated: May 10, 2022

The beginning of a new term marks our move from Summer into Autumn. The concept of the seasons allows us to teach the students an essential lesson in life, that of constant change.


Students aged 1 to 6 are always fascinated by the fact that one month the leaves are on the trees and the next month they have changed colour and are falling to the ground. We find it a particularly useful lesson to teach the students to look at the challenges that Covid-19 presented to us over the past 2 years and to focus on the fact that life will change again, just like the seasons, and soon there will come a time when we can go back to encouraging hugs and sharing and holding hands with friends, just like before. This helps kids comprehend the ever-changing landscape of life in a tangible way. In this way, they feel safe and hopeful for the future.

Getting dressed

We also combine learning about the seasons with lessons about the weather and how to dress accordingly every day. Kids from age four years old should be encourage to dress themselves each day. If this is too much of a challenge, they should at least be choosing their own clothes. Choosing and dressing themselves gives kids a sense of independence and responsibility which is essential for the Senior and Grade R groups.

Show your kids this video to encourage dressing themselves.

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