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Raising the next generation to be curious

Next generation advantages

We believe in the out-of-the-box thinkers, the daydreamers and the kids that don’t quite fit the mold. We recognise every child’s potential and we guide them to be curious and creative.


We value individuality and we thrive at enabling each child to believe in themselves and that they are capable of whatever they set their mind to. We relentlessly cultivate an environment where each child is free to experience, interact and learn and we are patient in this pursuit.

A world of opportunity

We are raising the next generation of scientists, architects, horticulturists, engineers, pilots, chefs, fashion designers, authors and artists. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, our highly knowledgeable and experienced teachers consistently broaden their students’ horizons.

What will the future hold?

We live in times of fascinating technological advancement and an uncertain future. At Chabad of Sandton we pride ourselves on providing a strong foundation.

Solid foundation

In our efforts to prepare students for the future we never lose sight that they are children today. By nurturing their social emotional skills, we ensure that they will have a solid foundation on which to thrive at whatever path they choose.

For more info about our special school, visit the Contact us page to get in touch and book a tour.

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