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Social emotional development

Updated: May 10, 2022

Early learning

We found a video online which explains nicely what social emotional development means and how to encourage it at home and school. We want to share it with you because this is our key philosophy at Chabad of Sandton Pre-school and we emphasize it every day in various ways with our students.

Solid foundation

In order to learn, our children first need to feel safe and comfortable. A good support structure helps children feel confident to participate in activities in which their cognitive development thrives. So, the social emotional development must come first.


It is as important for us to understand aspects such as building a sense of trust in our kids, encouraging self-regulation and forming connections. Kids needs to learn to take turns and share with others so that they can be open to all the other experiences.

During the school day, our team find ways to guide the students towards good habits in forming meaningful friendships including learning feelings of empathy and compassion.

Enriched learning

They do this in a range of ways including singing songs that foster friendship and good values, encouraging art creations that show friends and playground activities and of course in learning about our Jewish festivals our teachers use stories to illustrate lessons of kindness and being a mensch.

We hope you take a minute to watch the short clip and please leave your comments below.

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