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Welcome back to term 3!

The children resettled beautifully, happy to be seeing and spending time with their friends.

Today Rosh Chodesh Av starts the nine days, which are part of the t

hree week mourning period for the Jewish people as we remember the loss of both Bet Hamikdash-Holy Temples. The children are learning that it was senseless hate that caused their destruction and how through loving and caring for each other and doing Mitzvot in general, we will merit the building of the third and last Bet Hamikdash. They have learnt that each Mitzva is turned into a brick for the new one.

Our entrance board boasts a magnificent Kotel that the Nusrsery School children made out of scraps of material ,with the Grade R children adding the people praying. When I asked a Grade R kid what the wall is called she said "COCKTAIL" -you've got to love them !!! One little girl on hearing that when Moshiach comes we will, with all Jewish people go back to Israel, said she has cousins in Australia that she is missing, so would prefer a trip to Aussie than Israel :) of course we enjoyed our pop corn Rosh Chodesh treat and made crowns.

For more info about our special school, visit the Contact us page to get in touch and book a tour.

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